Why I Preach


I preach because I am passionate about seeing people in the Kingdom of God.

In my experience with God I get inspired to share little gems that I find useful for enjoying life. There are always about 22 sermons in my head so every week I need to get at least one out.

My hope is that you are encouraged by the content and I look forward to meeting you in heaven where we will continue this conversation. 

We all need an effective roadmap for travelling this life. Our philosophy and beliefs affect how happy we are and give us purpose. Without a vision and a purpose good people perish.

This is not the only life we have, we get another one when Jesus returns to take us to a heavenly place. That life will be without pain and suffering and will be one of pure joy, excitement and healthy relationship.

Here I attempt to share the good news of what Jesus has done, what He is doing, and what He will do. We all need encouraging in this life and we all need to make sense of what happens around us.

I trust you will become better equipped for an enjoyable life from listening and some clarity that takes away the some of the confusion that surrounds us all.

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